I think Yazi confused students for sardines. He packs them in the same way.

Review for Yazdan (Yazi) Kayhanian Just google him and you’ll quickly get a feel for his unsavoury character and ineptness.  These flats have failed so many basic requirements and have an extremely shoddy finish (I doubt the electrician was qualified). Yazi is the definition of a cowboy landlord. Highly doubt the flats meet fire safety requirements – evident from the ridiculously thin walls. Yet to receive our deposit back on this ludicrously overpriced hell hole. There was also a worryingly overcrowded property within this complex.



Rent: £400

Deposit Returned?: Maybe Someday

2 thoughts on “I think Yazi confused students for sardines. He packs them in the same way.

  1. Yeah that sounds like the piece scum that he is. I don’t know how he keeps getting away with it! Refused to give back my deposit and my friend’s, didn’t seem scared that we’d report him to rent smart, he’ll just keep getting away with it

  2. Yep sounds like the piece of $h!t that this guy is. Terriblew landlord. He scammed us of our deposits, didn’t reply to any messages, he didn’t seem scared that we would report him to rentsmart even though he’s not allowed to be a landlord! Google search shows even the government bodies like the HSE can’t prevent this guy from doing what he does.

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